Cancer does not make Flipped Bird happy but fighting it does. Enter Maya Thompson. You can not read Maya Thompson’s blog and not be moved in some way. The raw emotion of her heart wrenching words  document her real time experiences and provide enduring legacy for her three year old child who valiently fought Neuroblastoma cancer.  Although young Ronan (“Ro”) Thompson lost his battle with cancer last year, his legacy lives on through his mother’s words and The Ronan Thompson Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for a rare form of childhood cancer.

In the past year The Ronan Thompson Foundation has attracted the attention of several music and TV stars including Katy Perry, Bret Michaels and most recently Taylor Swift and Katie Couric. Taylor Swift was so moved by the emotional words in the blog she wrote a song from it and debuted it on the all-star Stand Up To Cancer telethon last month. It quickly went to number one on i-tunes and proceeds from sales of the song will benefit cancer related charities. See her emotional performance below.

Taylor Swift Ronan

Get the song on i-tunes here.

Click here to see Maya Thompson tell here story to Katie Couric last month.

Learn more about The Ronan Thompson Foundation here.

Flipped Bird was surprised to learn cancer research receives significantly less funding than other types of cancer and in doing our small part Flipped Bird is debuting limited edition Flipped Bird bags with special benefits. Flipped Bird will be donating 100% of the profits from our new limited edition “Rockstar Ronan” bags to The Ronan Thompson Foundation.

The Flipped Bird Ronan bags are getting rave reviews from some early birds who have the bags and a few found their way to celebrities. All Ronan bags can be flipped for a unique look with purple hues that are a tribute to Ronan’s favorite color and The Ronan Foundation. Get your exclusive Ronan Flipped Bird reversible bag today and enjoy the special benefit of flipping the bird to childhood cancer.

Click here to shop now for a Ronan Bag.

Flipped Bird Ronan Messenger Bag


Suzy Lippmann, Barista and Seriously Awesome Coffee Gal



One of the best things about my favorite coffee shop is the smiling face I’m greeted with each time I enter the store.

As a friend once told me, “Suzy is exactly what you hope to find in your neighborhood coffee shop…she just makes me happy,’

 So I asked my favorite barista, Suzy Lippmann, how she goes about making herself happy:

 I live for human interactions and for this reason- there is always a chance to make myself, and someone else, happy. From my work setting (at a coffee house) to quick interactions while out and about, I present myself as though I might be the one chance the other person will have to smile or feel great that day. I make sure that everything I do has my conscious intent behind it because I learn so much from being connected in that way. Everyone is on their own path to happiness but it makes me happy knowing I can influence a desire in people to be kind and courteous. I believe that when you do good, good will follow.

I will always maintain my willingness, kindness, and continue to spread light, because, well, I am very happy about where it has gotten me this far!

Thanks Suzy! Your happiness shines!

The Hunt for Happiness

Flipped Bird is on a hunt for HAPPINESS!

Last week we received a Facebook message from 18-year-old Amanda Bartel in Texas! We knew immediately she was the epitome of HAPPY!

Not only does Amanda have a fabulous smile, she exudes confidence.

We asked Amanda what makes her happy!

“You have to make yourself happy. Do something for yourself once in a while. Treat yourself and do something just for you and no one else. I usually go to the movies or take myself out to dinner.”

In 2010, Amanda started doing something else that made her happy, acting!

“ABC Family sent out an email to all of its subscribers announcing there was an opening casting call for a new drama called “Huge”. They were looking for “fluffy” (that is the term my family and I use for people of a larger size) teens to be in a new show based on a fictional book about a fat camp. I thought ‘What the heck! Why don’t I try it’…since that moment I have been bitten by the acting bug and can’t stop!”

What are you up to now?

“I currently live in Florida while participating in the Disney College Program which is a professional internship with Disney. I know I want to go into an entertainment field. Either television, music, or writing.”


Hey friends!!!

Recently I celebrated a milestone birthday and was lucky enough to have some flippin’ awesome friends throw me a celebratory dinner. Being somewhat new to this city, I was shocked that these great gals would plan such a soiree. Not only was I super excited but also completely honored that they’d go to the trouble to plan such an event.

I was born and raised with the whole “don’t show up empty handed” thing and the fact that these outstanding girls were going to so much trouble, I wanted to do something out of the ordinary. My brain went to work and because I’m an over-thinker, I ran a variety of things through my mind and second-guessed myself a gazillion times.

My first thoughts sent me to my favorite little stationary and crafting website Fawn and Flora (http://www.fawnandflora.com) created by two awesome girls who are Rock Stars in the world of blogging and design, Dana (http://www.thewonderforest.com) and Heather (http://www.justlove.ly). This shop has a plethora of handmade goodies perfect for creating thank you cards, baking up exquisite treats or putting together a grown up gift bag (no yoyo’s, stickers or Hello Kitty lollipops in this get up).

A sweet little treat was also a possibility and my first thought was something from The Cookie Bitch Bakery in Phoenix (http://www.cookiebitchbakery.com). Not only does this retro gal have a pretty flippin’ cool name, she also bakes up some of the most delectable desserts in all the valley. Cherry Oat Cake, heck ya! Salted Caramel Cake, I’ll take two! Everything the Cookie Bitch prepares sounds like it’s straight from heaven.

After I planned, re-planned and started from scratch a million times that week, a sudden thought came to mind and completely vetoed everything I’d been up to for days.

This Flipped Bird Super Fan had forgotten the most fabulous idea of all.

Flipped Bird Flower Stretchy Hair Tie Jars!

And everyone loved them!

Take a peak at all our friends’ sites above…and don’t forget to visit us as well: www.flippedbird.com

See you soon!


Flipped Bird Super Fan and Blogger

Louisiana Yogi Wins!

Hey Friends!

Our “Show Us THE BIRD” contest is now complete and we were thrilled with the flippin’ entries. We love how each of you are proudly showin’ off your Flipped Bird gear on a regular basis, even takin’ us with you on your big day (thanks Emily) and holdin’ us tight as you strike a dramatic and impressive pose (you ROCK Kelsey).

One thing is for sure, Flipped Bird fans are the best…and we flippin’ love you all.

With an outstanding fifty-one “LIKES” we are happy to announce Kelsey and her kick-ass yoga skills secured the WIN! Congrats Kelsey!!!

Thanks again to all our friends, fans and fanatics out there. And keep sendin’ those pics, we love to see them and YOU!

See you soon!


Flipped Bird Blogger and Super Fan

Look What Elvis Found!

Hey friends!

Our flippin’ Flipped Bird mascot, Elvis, made quite a find this week! While sniffing around the loading dock, our adorable little labra-doodle made a hot digity discovery that will translate into pure awesomeness for Flipped Bird fans.

This pallet stacked to the skies is jam packed with your favorite jars, waiting to be filled with spectacular little Flipped Bird hair ties and headbands. Another seven thousand of these babies are being prepped for our favorite friends and sent off all over the USA.

Hop on over to our website (Flipped Bird Shop) and get yours now! They make awesome party favors, hostess gifts and so much more!

Happy Shopping!


Flippin’ Flipped Bird Blogger and Super Fan

Show Us THE BIRD! (Contest)

Hey Friends!

Queen of Happy, Marci, showing us HER BIRD!

One of the most awesome things for us at Flipped Bird is seeing everyone adorned in our flippin’ bags, hats and hair ties. We love all the photos we discover and get super excited when someone goes cruisin’ by, sportin’ a Flipped Bird Cruiser, Messenger or Original.

As a super fan of Flipped Bird I love seeing how my peers are taking advantage of our gear. I love seeing a pic of someone on the beach with bright pink polka dot hat or a cruiser bike basket, decked out in style. So today…I want you to show me THE BIRD!

Dig through your digital photos or better yet grab a camera, set up a scene and give me a glimpse into your Flipped Bird life. Do you carry your Cruiser or put it on your bike? Do you tuck your tablet in a Techy for safekeeping or hide all your goodies in an Original for the beach? Does your Mini go along to all the best concerts and your Messenger to grab a Carmel Macchiato?

I want to know who you are, where you’re from and how your Flipped Bird lives in your life. Tell me!!!

Email us your picture and address and we will send you a pack of three Flipped Bird super soft hair ties (send to bird@flippedbird.com). Make sure pictures are appropriate, friends, we are a family company. Have fun with it…we can’t wait to see them all.


We will post each picture to our Facebook page! Then from now until Sunday, October 1, 2012, the SHOW US THE BIRD pic that gets the most Facebook LIKES will earn that fancy fanatic a…


Yes, that’s right! Just for being a fun, fabulous, friend of Flipped Bird and sportin’ the best picture, you will receive a free Techy, our latest bag perfect for carrying your iPad, Kindle, Nook or tablet anywhere you go!

Good Luck Friends!

See you soon,



Flippin’ Techy

Welcome Our Newest Bird, TECHY

Reversible, ultra soft with a layer of padding, Techy is perfect for an iPad, tablet, Kindle, or Nook. Never has a wireless device traveled in such style.

Great as a sachel, Techy lays flat against your body as it swoops across your chest, messenger bag style. Our fabulous fabrics make it not only a useful bag but a super stylish way to walk around town.